Take your Body to a new level. We provide a One on One training environment. A full health assessment is completed along with your personal goals. Our training goal is to taylor a training program to optimize the quality of your life and evaluate when you need to change. Getting to your goal is specific, maintaning good quality life and eating habbits are continuous.

Body Solutions provides health lectures and staff training. If you are looking to get your  staff healthier and create  more work days less sick days. Let  Body Solutions  work with your staff to bring a bond of friendship and good health to your place of work.

           GROUP TRAINING 

Body Solutions offers classes on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:00 pm. These classes are limited to small groups. Our goal is to assess, assist, and instruct a one hour program so each individual can be their best. Trying to overcome some physical or medical limitations, set asside your worries or fears Body Solutions has a certified Personal fitness trainer overseeing all class exercises.

           MUSCLE TONE

Toning muscle requires regular strength training to build up the muscles.Also regular aerobic exercise and a solid nutritional plan will help to decrease body fat. In order to lose body fat you must lower your caloric intake. Regular strength training does increase muscle tissue, which increases your overall metabolism and decreases body fat. By adding 1 LB. of muscle tissue you can burn up to 50 more calories a day. A pound of fat burns only three calories a day. Whether your goal is to tone or increase strength, you should weight train at least three times a week with compound exercises that target all the main muscle groups. Compound exercises are multi-joint exercises that are more effective at burning calories and stimulating muscle growth.


The core muscles make it possible to stand upright and move on two feet. These muscles help control movements, transfer energy, shift body weight and move in any direction. A strong core distributes the stresses of weight- bearing and protects the back. Core conditioning exercise programs need to target all these muscle groups to be effective. Every action has a reaction so be pro-active while participating in sports Golf,Tennis, and more.

           Massage Therapy
Our California certified and licensed massage therapist will expertly analize your physical condition. Regular treatments will
re-balance, regenerate your muscle fibers, and Rejuvenate you. Our therapist has extensive knowledge in Sports massage, Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger point work and Lymphatic massage. If your not sure which treatment is best let our expert assess and determine the best therapeutic massage for you.