Reppin the Ribbon            

                               Breast Cancer Survivors


   Reppin the Ribbon is a breast cancer exercise program.                    

This program was developed to help Breast cancer patients and survivors.

Most of breast cancer patients get up front breast surgery that limits range of motion in chest wall and shoulders.

After sergery patients get either Chemotherapy and or radiation with inflamed muscle wall. Chemotherapy wastes muscle because of steroid they receive to prevent nausea and muscle atrophy due to inactivity because of generalized weakness. Estrogen depleting treatments, causes joint stiffness, escalates osteoporosis. Studies from United Kingdom and US San Diego demonstrated that exercise decreased joint pain and increased quality of life.




  • Increase mobility of joints (Shoulders, Knee, Hip) 

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Minimize Chemo-Brain from decreased circulation and endurance from chemotherapy treatment.


    Strength Ttraining to Increase

  • Stamina

  • Mobility

  • core strength


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